Mailer / Mass Mailer

Since this is an essential part of most business apps, BPFW allows you to send single mails and mass mails to your employees and customers.
BPFW tries to use the php mailer by default, but to make best use of it, you should setup an smtp account in your settings.

New Mail

Write a new mail to a specific mail address

Mass mailer
Create new mails to all users that are store in the Outbox.

Hint: there are a few placeholders you should use:
{{{newsletter_Salutation}}} – the salutation for this user
{{{newsletter_Unsubscribe_link}}} – adds an unsubscribe link to the mail. This will disable the ability to select the user in the list as an recipient. You can re-enable it by editing the userdata.

Hint2: The signature is also added automatically and can be edited in %yourapp%\newsletter\signature.html

You find your Outbox, sent and deleted mails here.
Mails will be finally sent if you click on “send xy mails” or if you configured a cronjob to do that automatically.

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